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    Sales FAQ
        Where can I fax you a document?
        What is your GST number?
        Our company requires a W9 form completed before making a purchase
        What is your EIN or Federal Tax Identification number?
        Do you accept Purchase Orders?
        What type of payments do you accept?
        My company policy does not allow me to make credit card purchases over the Internet. What can I do?
        I was trying to make a purchase but my card got declined. I know that the card is good order. What is the problem?
        The amount on the invoice and the actual amount charged on the credit card are different. Why?
        I have made a purchase but I haven't received yet the product. How can I verify the status of my order?
        I need to speak with someone in person or send a fax. What are your phone and fax numbers?
        When I try to make a purchase I receive an error message: "transaction amount cannot be 0.00". What is the problem?

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