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    EventID.Net Subscription
        What are the benefits of a subscription?
        Is the EventID.Net database of events available offline?
        Do you sell the contributors' email addresses?
        How can I send information about an event?
        If I purchase a subscription will I find a solution for all the event ids?
        Can I share my subscription with my colleagues?
        My organization is listed amongst the ones that purchase a subscription. How can I get a login account?
        Will you provide support for a particular problem that I'm having?
        I need to get more information about the subscription. Who can I contact?
        Can I get a trial subscription in order to see if I want to purchase it?
        I tried to purchase a subscription by my credit card was declined. Why?
        I tried to retrieve the password but I get no email.
        I tried to login but I get an error message saying "There is no such account". I know that I subscribed to so how can I login?
        How do I renew my subscription?
        If I purchase a subscription will I be able to download all the events in your database?
        If I purchase a subscription will you provide me with all the events that a source can record in the logs? For example, I need to know all the events that can be recorded by PerfProc.
        I cannot use a free email address for the subscription

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